We treat all problems affecting; speech, language, communication, eating & drinking.

Training for family and carers

Manchester SLT's speech and language therapists offer a service of training and advice for family and carers of individuals with speech, language and communication and eating/drinking difficulties.

What is Training for Family and Carers?

Training for family and carers is all about how best to help and support an individual with speech, language, communication and eating/drinking difficulties. This training will be adapted to specific needs of family or carers.

What types of training for family and carers do we provide?

At Manchester SLT we provide various methods of training depending upon the specific area of speech, language or communication difficulty an individual has.

Below is a list of some of them and will include the individual, family or carer:

  • Awareness of various communication methods which may help the individual with their speech, language or communication difficulty.
  • Training for the specific needs of the individual and how to support them in the best way possible.
  • Information and guidance on the best form of communication for the individual.
  • Techniques and interventions in relation to equipment needed to support the individual.
  • How to create a more effective communication environment.

Our speech and language therapy packages are specific to each individual and focus on how to incorporate the best method of communication into everyday life for the individual. We offer a supportive environment where you can learn and create new communication possibilities for your family/friends/co-workers.

How do I arrange a training session, and an appointment with a speech and language therapist?

To arrange an appointment with one of our specialist speech and language therapists at Manchester SLT, or if you require any more information on our training services please contact us by emailing: info@manchesterslt.co.uk or calling: 0161 883 0111. Do not hesitate to get in touch as we are ready and willing to help.

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