We treat all problems affecting; speech, language, communication, eating & drinking.

School and nursery visits

Manchester speech and language therapy provide school visits for those children who require a communication programme and allow our speech and language therapists to gather information to be able to assess the child's level of need and work collaboratively with parents/carers and school to decide upon the best communication methods to be used in the educational setting.

Why would a school visit be required?

School visits may be required for many reasons, and give the speech and language therapist a chance to observe the child in their natural educational environment and assess their level of communication need. Manchester SLT's speech and language therapist may use this information to advise both parents and teachers on how best to support the child with their speech and language difficulties.

Can I request a school visit?

School visits can be requested by both a parent/carer and the school itself. School visits provide a collaborative approach to speech and language therapy; however it is important to note they require written consent from the parents/carers first and foremost before a visit can be scheduled.

At Manchester SLT our specialist team of speech and language therapists, work with all abilities and ages and offer individual therapy assessments and treatment. We are committed to providing an outstanding level of service with the best interest of the individual in mind at all times.

How do I arrange an appointment with a speech and language therapist?

If would like to book and appointment with one of Manchester SLT's speech and language therapists, or require any more information on our speech and language therapy report writing service then please contact us by emailing: info@manchesterslt.co.uk or calling: 0161 883 0111.

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