We treat all problems affecting; speech, language, communication, eating & drinking.

Consultative work

Manchester SLT's specialised speech and language therapists are able to provide a consultative service as part of the treatment process. This will involve advice and recommendations for individuals and parents/carers in relation to speech, language and management techniques.

What will a consultative role involve?

A consultative role will involve an indirect route for speech and language therapy. This means the speech and language therapist's main priority will be offering advice and recommendations to parents, carers, or significant others in relation to the individuals speech and language management.

Following an initial speech and language therapy assessment, the speech and language therapist at Manchester SLT will be able to advise or recommend on how to manage the individual´┐Żs speech, language or eating and drinking needs. Manchester SLT's speech and language therapy team will often combine a consultative role with other types of treatment e.g. one to one therapy.

Who can benefit from a consultative role?

Many different people can benefit from a consultative speech and language therapy role. Manchester SLT's speech and language therapists can provide advice, support and recommendations for a variety of people involved in the individual's care, these can include:

  • The individual
  • The individual's carer or parent
  • The individual's friends and family
  • Medical or health care professionals
  • Teachers or other educational staff
  • Care home staff

What are the benefits of consultative services?

There are many benefits of a consultative speech and language therapy service for the individual and everyone involved in their care. The main benefit of a consultative speech and language therapy role is receiving support and advice on how best to support the individual's speech, language and communication needs in a variety of settings and environments.

How can I book an initial assessment with a speech and language therapist?

If you would like to book an appointment to see one of Manchester SLT's speech and language therapists, or would like more information or advice, then email: info@manchesterslt.co.uk or call: 0161 883 0111 and one of our dedicated speech and language therapists will be happy to help.

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